• Birmingham-Royal-Ballet-Light-Painting
  • Harvey-Nics-Light-painting-artist-Sola
  • Lenovo-Desktop-Light-Painting
  • Nike-x-Sola
  • Spectrum-of-the-Seas-Main-Dining-Room-Sculpture-by-artist--Peter-Medlicott
  • Tate-Modern-Light-Painting
  • Love-Light-Painting-by-Sola
  • Municiple-Megaliths
  • Neon-Forrests-Light-Painting- 2
  • Neon-Rainbow-Light-Graffiti-by-Sola
  • Light Graffiti Artist Sola Best Light Artist
  • Rushing-for-Nothing-Light-Graffiti-by-Sola
  • Midnight-Swim-Light-Painting-by-Sola
  • Urban-grit-light-painting-Light-Graffiti-by-sola 2
  • Spectra-Festival-Aberdeen
  • Light-Graffiti-artist-Sola-Self-Portrait

Working under the alias of Sola, I’ve earned a global reputation as one of the leading figures in Light Painting and Light Graffiti.

you can see much more at my dedicated site www.lightbombing.com or on Instagram sola_lightbombing

Seeing as you’re here already ….all of my work is exactly as I shot it as everything is made in the camera, with no computer trickery added later.

Along side creating fine art works for exhibition and collection around the world (and the occasional Light Art inspired sculpture for the world’s biggest cruise ship!) I also undertake commercial, editorial and collaborative commissions for some of the biggest and coolest brands in the world – you can check some of them above.

To see more, get yourself over to www.lightbombing.com or come follow me on Insta for the latest images Instagram sola_lightbombing