Science has always been an inspiration to my work and increasingly I’m working with science related organisations and educators to bring their knowledge to life with photography and  light art.

As part of a science communication initiative I am able to translate your message to produce high impact visual communications that can attract wide audiences, have the potential to go viral and communicate in new and engaging ways – something that is vital in all impact strategies.

Let’s put YOUR WORK in the spotlight.

Whether the end result is photography, video, experiential activity or workshops I create bold, engaging communications that bring your knowledge to life.

I am able to draw upon my practice as a Light Artist (see images) and / or act as acreative director consulting on routes and resourcing / managing as required.


  • info-graphics
  • Product imagery
  • Visualise Impact goals
  • Exhibitions designed to engage
  • Content generation
  • Hero images for comms activity

You can see my documentary photography on this site and view more of my light painting work on my site

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